April 19, 2017

Welcome to Atlanta

Now that things are finally beginning to settle and I feel like I can catch my breath it seemed like a good time to share more about our move south! Even if its only a couple months late! Haha.

Let's go way back...For the past (almost) 9 years Matt has worked in a job that wasn't great. He worked long hours, lots of weekends, and rotated through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift every couple months. The schedule was NOT family friendly at all, and we knew it was something that needed to change, especially as the kids got older, school schedules, and other activities started.

Over the years he had a couple different job opportunities come up, but nothing that we were willing to take a leap with. Until this summer. In July, Matt interviewed with his company to move into a whole different department (from logistics to IT). We knew the job was in Atlanta, but we thought it was a long shot. Well long story short they offered him the job and we made the decision to relocate our family from the Quad Cities, where we were both called home for pretty much our whole lives to Atlanta, Georgia. It's crazy to think he accepted the job without us even visiting.

At the end of July we made our first trip down here without kids to look at houses. Our first impression wasn't super great. The places were looking just seemed so different than what we were used to. So we went back to Iowa a little discouraged and stressed over where the heck we were going to live. Eventually Matt ended up finding an apartment for us to live short term while we continued to look for houses.

September 9th we closed on our first home that we brought our babies home to. Thankfully we had movers come in, pack and load everything for us. But man I was still just so emotionally and physically exhausted. Matt was out of town training while they packed up our life, so that could have added to my exhaustion. Thankfully, Matt's mom was gracious enough to come and stay with us during the whole messy process, otherwise I might have had a nervous breakdown. Lol. Moving with kids, whew, not for the faint of heart.

We stayed in Nashville a couple nights and explored the city on our way down. Eventually we made it to our apartment. And well lets just say it was a dark depressing place to live in for the 3 months we were there. Like cockroaches depressing. So thankful it was only short term, and its something we are close to being able to laugh about now. Not just yet, still too soon, but someday hopefully we'll be like "Hey remember that gross place we lived when we thought we'd never find a house." Insert crying so hard I'm laughing emoji. Or is laughing so hard I'm crying? Well, either way it felt more like the first one.

Eventually we did end up finding a house. THANK YOU JESUS!!! And its great. A little farther from the city than we had originally planned, but it seemed like a better fit for our family. The kids can ride their bikes down the street for the first time in EVER. Hopefully I'll get around to sharing some pictures of our home, if anything just for myself and for us to look back on as a family. I took a video walking through our old house before we packed it all up, and the kids love watching it from time to time.

Moving is such an emotional thing. We are both super excited for this new adventure, and living and exploring another part of the country. But man, IT IS HARD. Some days its awesome to live in such a great city with so much to do and see, and then other days out of nowhere I just get blindsided with being homesick.

But God is SO good and was totally in control through this whole process. I found so much peace in knowing that Georgia was in His plans all along, and that even when I don't know every detail for my future He does, and he's got it all figured out.

Slowly but surely we are starting to feel more settled here. Matt loves his new job, and we love his new schedule. For the first time we're able to enjoy dinner together as a family every night, and we have weekends to look forward to!!! We found our home church, and are starting to feel more connected there as well. I've gotten plugged into a MOPS group, and next year Noah will be in kindergarten. Which is still something we're trying to figure out, and where he'll go to school.  Iowa will always be home to me, but Georgia definitely has a lot to offer and we are always welcoming visitors!!!!

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