September 26, 2016

Miss Effie's & Maquoketa Caves

So, I've got a ton of catching up to do here in this little space. Like explaining how we moved our family half way across the country to Georgia. And I promise I'll get to it! But I wanted to share some pictures from when it was still summer, and the moving truck hadn't left yet. 

A couple weeks ago my friends Lona, Kristen, and I (plus 9 kids between us) headed out to Miss Effie's flower garden in Donahue to pick some flowers. This had been on my summer bucket list all summer and I'm so glad we were able to squeeze it in before the move. It was magical! We had planned on eating our packed lunches here because its just so darn charming, but between the heat and the black skies of rain that were approaching we decided to take our lunch elsewhere. 

So instead Lona and I took our kids and our lunches and continued onto our next stop. Maquoketa Caves! As if one field trip a day wasn't enough we packed in two because we're CRAZY. And we knew it'd be a long time till we had a chance to do this again with school starting and us moving. We didn't even let the rain stop us. Instead we drove through it, hoping that it would stop by the time we arrived. Much to our disappointment it didn't. We ended up eating lunch under a pavilion and decided to hike with the kids anyways. With babies strapped to us we braved the weather and the ALOT of stairs to get down to the caves. My anxious heart may have been freaking out a little as I imagined our small kids slipping and falling through the railings to the bottom. But thankfully we walked away with only one scrapped knee. 

I'm so thankful to have friends back home that are willing to push me out of my comfort zone and out of the house for that matter to try new things. A lot of times with little kids I feel like doing anything, even just especially grocery shopping, can be so overwhelming! So when you finds friends that aren't afraid to try new things hang on to them!!! Miss you ladies so much!!

The quality of these are terrible, but its the only ones I have a these crazy kids together. And the lighting is just plain terrible ALWAYS in a cave!

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