August 22, 2016

Natalie's Birthday

Last month we celebrated Natalie's First Birthday!!! Her birthday is the forth of July, which I think is pretty dang great. As far as holidays to share your birthday with, it might just be the best. I'm hoping I can convince her to throw a red, white, and blue birthday party every year for the rest of her life...but I won't hold my breath.

We started the day with some donuts for the birthday girl, and later family came over to celebrate. The weather for the whole weekend was so nice with no humidity and super cool for July. My parents were generous to gift all three of our summer babies with a bounce house to share, which is pretty dang awesome. We had it going all weekend, and lets just say the kids slept really well at night after jumping all day.

Below is some of my favorites from the weekend. We are so fortunate that God blessed our family with this sweet sweet little baby girl. Natalie you are the perfect addition to our family. You are so laid back and such an easy baby, you fit perfectly into our family and help to balance out all the chaos that exists as well! Words cannot express how deeply you are loved sweet girl!!!

The quality of this is terrible, but I just couldn't help but add this of Noah helping get the camera ready with his sweet dance moves. 

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