March 7, 2016

Home Tour | Play Room

I wanted to go ahead and share one of my favorite rooms in our home here on this space. Mainly just to record that it did in fact, at one time, exist. This is our beloved playroom. At one point in time it used to be a small guest room, but as our family has grown its become a playroom. The room is right off the living room and its a great space to keep all the giant amount of kid stuff that has accumulated over the years. I took these pictures a couple months ago because I knew that we'd be moving rooms around and this room would soon become a bedroom. Cue my tears. My heart is mourning the loss of our playroom and my feet are dragging to actually make this room a bedroom (I know, I know, first world problems). 

Source List:

Kitchen Set: Hape
Kitchen Fridge: Hape
Shopping Cart: Melissa & Doug
Doll Pram: Land of Nod
Kids Anywhere Chair: Pottery Barn Kids
Rocking Moose: Ikea
Doll House: Plan Toys 

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