December 2, 2015

Noah says

I've been sitting on this post since I was pregnant with Natalie, so a really long time. Some of these quotes seem rather weird for a four year old, but then I have to remind myself some of these were when he was just three.

-After Noah farts I give Noah a gross look and he says, "That was a motorcycle outside." (with a completely straight face)

-After sneezing Noah says, "I've got a big bless you!" (meaning sneeze)

-"Mommy, you love me? Always? Mommy I love you always, I never stop loving you."

-"I am an artist and this is my art." (holding up his picture)

-Noah: Mom, when I turn 4 then I start listening to you.
 Me: Ok, why can't you obey mommy when you are 3?
 Noah: Me not know why.

-"We need to get that baby out of your belly mommy." Then lifts up his shirt and flashes us his belly.

-While trying to race me home from the neighbors, "Mom, I beat you because I can run fast and you can't because you have a baby in your belly."

-"Mom, you're adorable."

-"Don't cry honey bear you have pretty eyes and you're going to be a mom."

-"Mom that's a big belly (pointing to my stomach 4 months after Natalie was born) because you grow a baby."

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