December 2, 2015

Natalie | 3 months

So I'm super duper behind on any Natalie updates, but I figured I'd still post them just for my sake at least to look back on. Natalie turned 3 months old in October, so better late than never I say!

  • Weight: I would guess around 15 lbs.
  • Clothing Size: 3-6 months
  • Diaper Size: size 3

  • Nurses about 5 times a day. 
    Firsts/ Development
    • Found her hands and loves chewing on them
    • No rolling yet
    • Has turned into a Chatty Kathy
    • Took her first bottle from dad
    • She's developed so many ROLLs
    • Celebrated Halloween, and I was too lazy to even pull out the baby costume that Noah and Everly wore at her age. So she wasn't too festive. Whoops.

    • Still no super solid routine. I've begun laying her down for naps during the morning, but I feel like we are mostly on the go, so she's doesn't get much of a regular nap schedule.
    • Still amazing at sleeping during the night. 

    • Parenting with 3 kids certainly has its challenges. But its crazy to think how far we've come. I remember before having kids I used to give myself about an hour or more to get ready before work. My how the times have changed. In that same hour now I can shower, get ready, nurse and child, feed 2 children breakfast, and get everyone dressed. Being a mother really does make me feel like a super hero sometimes. I mean what did I used to do with spare time...not laundry, I'm sure.

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