December 9, 2015

Christmas Tree 2015

So I think we've decided this year that we're more of a tree lot family. While the idea of chopping down the perfect tree in a beautiful white field of snow sounds so romantic, it just isn't us at the moment. Some year maybe we will, but for now, tree lots are where it's at for us. So last Saturday we loaded up the van up drove about 2 blocks, and in like 15 had ourselves a tree. Here are a million pictures for those (mostly family) who are interested.

Here she is. The Meyer Christmas tree for 2016, and Natalie's first tree! I know some people get way into decorating for Christmas, but we keep it pretty simple around these parts with our stockings, and a couple of decorations. Some people can get so creative each year with different themes and colors for their trees, but we like to keep it pretty classic. A couple strands of red beads, white lights, and the same ornaments from Matt and I's childhood with some new ones added each year from grandparents for the kids.

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