September 28, 2015

Worth Sharing

I'm always on the look out for a new show to watch while nursing late at night. My new favorite show I stumbled upon is A Chef's Life. I've been binge watching it on our apple tv under the PBS app.

These Ugg Slippers are on my birthday wish list.

We love the idea of whole30 over here at our house, and generally eat pretty clean when we cook at home. I just got my first order of TessaMae's dressing this week and YUM! So much easier than having to make all compliant dressings on your own. If you're interested in ordering here is a coupon code.

I splurged and ordered my first pair of Pons recently with a coupon.  Have you guys seen these? They are super comfortable and I've been wearing them all the time.

A couple weeks ago I bought this spiralizer on amazon. We've been spiralizing apples, potatoes, and zucchini's like crazy around here. I found this instagram account that has great ideas too.

These onesies from Old Navy are probably my new favorite for Natalie. Super simple and they have zippers!

Last week we watched the movie Woman in Gold and I'd totally recommend it. Really good.

I always feel like it's easier dressing fashionably while pregnant verses while nursing, and I can never wear my dresses. So, this kickstarter is genius!

And lastly I leave you this buzzfeed on parenting. Hilarious. Pretty sure 95% of these were true for me.

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