August 11, 2015

Noah's Fourth Birthday | 7.12.2015

Noah's 4th birthday was July12th, Natalie was born on July 4th.  We were crazy enough to celebrate with a "small" birthday party at our house. I wanted to make sure that Noah still felt super special and loved having just added a baby to our chaos. And he's getting to an age that he actually enjoys and gets excited for his party.

This little boy is so into legos right now. For months he has been telling me that he wanted legos on his cake (and then he'd always add about 5 more things to his cake: pirates, ninja turtles, diggers, etc.)
He only asked for legos, and puzzles for his birthday. And boy did everyone deliver. I have no idea where I'm going to store all these legos, which is my constant battle. Oh well, he's worth it. 

We invited a few close friends of Noah's, their families, and some our family. Which still always makes for a full house in our small home. We grilled some hot dogs and celebrated with some cake and ice cream. Noah's favorite part was the little lego candies on his cake that we found at Largomarcino's. You could say it was Everly's favorite part too, as she kept sneaking them all day. I have no idea how much she ate, but I'm sure it was a sickening amount. 

It's hard to believe that four years ago we welcomed this little boy into our family. He loves to laugh, has become super independent, can be so sweet and protective of his sisters (when he chooses), loves to learn and read, and certainly keeps us on our toes with his massive amount of energy.  

Noah Paul Meyer we are so glad God entrusted you to us and pray that you continue to grow to know and love Him more and more each year. Happy 4th Birthday!

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