August 12, 2015

Natalie | One Month

Before Natalie turns 2 months I thought I should write an update on her first month. So far she continues to be a great baby and not super fussy. She usually cries when she is hungry and tired and thats about it. 

  • Weight: Somewhere around 9.5 lbs. would be my guess
  • Clothing Size: Newborn
  • Diaper Size: 1

  • She started out nursing super well, better than Noah or Everly. And then when she was about 2 weeks old it was almost like she forgot, so it felt like we started all over again. I also had a lot of pain nursing for the first month, as usual. But after breastfeeding 2 other children I feel like I should get a pass on all that pain in the beginning and everything should just happen naturally, but alas, it didn't work that way for me. 
  • She has already shown great signs of sleeping through the night within the first month going on stretches between 6-8 hours at night.

  • So far her only routine is to eat, wake, and sleep, in that order. 
  • The nice thing about having summer babies is we usually have no where to be and not many obligations to get out for. So, we've been pretty relaxed this summer and spend a lot of time in our pjs, or underwear if you are Noah.
  • She rocks at sleeping through the night. I usually feed her before I go to sleep for the night around 11:30 or 12, and she sleeps till about 7am. So as newborns go, we hit the jackpot. 
  • Noah was a good sleeper and started sleeping through the night when he was around 8 weeks old, but I'd never heard of a newborn sleeping through the night right away. I was actually afraid to tell our pediatrician because I thought they would tell me to wake her up to eat, but she's been gaining weight well, and they weren't concerned.  
  • She also spends a lot of time sleeping in her rockaroo in the dining room amongst the chaos of her brother and sister. 

  • Going from two to three kids has been a good transition so far. Going from one to two was much harder for us, but I also just think it depends on the baby. And her sleeping well has definitely helped us maintain our sanity.
  • Having 2 in diapers again means we are changing diapers constantly, and we are hoping to potty train Everly soon. 
  • I struggle with more mom guilt now that my time is split between 3 kids. I feel like Natalie isn't being held enough, or Everly doesn't ever get read to, or I never have time to sit down with Noah and play legos or practice his letters and numbers. If I'm cleaning the house, I feel guilty I'm not playing. And if I'm playing I see all the things that still need to be cleaned. You know, the usual mom guilt stuff. I'm just going to try to do my best, and trust God that they'll turn out ok. HA!
  • One of my favorite parts of adding a third baby is watching Noah and Everly interact with her. They absolutely adore her! We'll see if that stays true once she can crawl and get into their toys, but for now we're soaking it up.

And because I think comparing pictures are fun, here are Noah and Everly at one month old.

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