May 14, 2015


A couple of weeks ago Matt and I were able to take a quick trip to Chicago ALONE, thanks to my gracious mother-in-law who stayed with Noah and Everly. There are not many concerts I would agree to stand in a hot crowded room while pregnant, especially in my third trimester, but Dustin Kensrue was hands down an exception. His new album Carry the Fire has been on constant repeat in our house since it came out. Even Noah knows good music when he hears it, and always asks to turn it up in the car. The show was great, and like a bunch of junior high girls (no offense, I once was one too) Matt and I wiggled our way toward the front at the end to snap this picture, and meet Dustin.

And while this is most definitely a real blog, I don't necessarily consider myself a "real" blogger, so these were pretty much the only pictures I took of our 2 day trip. Whoops...

And as if to pretend I'm a food blogger, I've included a delicious photo from our lunch at Shake Shack. Eat your heart out.

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