February 7, 2015

Noah Says

*This picture was taken a couple months ago while our local Target was being remodeled. Noah was having fun pretending he was in the cab of a semi-trailer, the packs of pepsi were the headlights and the shelf to the right was his trailer.

-Lately Noah's been calling Everly a "cutie," but it comes out "cootie." He walks around shouting at her, "You're a cootie." Which more accurately describes their relationship thus far.

-Last summer during a thunderstorm Noah was super clingy and scared with the dark sky, thunder, and lightening. Every time it thundered he would run to me, jump in my lap, and say, "You keep me safe mom." It made my mom heart melt.

-A while back Noah was pretending to be Everly and I's Sunday School teacher. He was pretending to read us stories from his bible, things like "God helped the people, etc." He finishes class with a prayer, we move on for the day. Then he says he has one more story and he doesn't need his bible for it. It goes like this: "So one time....God POOPED." Laughing I say, "where did God poop?" and Noah says, "God pooped on the TOILET, YAY!!!!" The minds of three old little boys. Never a dull moment.

-As Everly is saying "wuff wuff" after hearing dogs barking outside. Noah says, "I no like dogs...I like people." I couldn't agree with that kid more.

-Noah is still learning how to say some words correctly. And for the most part it's still pretty cute, so we don't correct him. Our favorites right now are:
  • "Ganks" instead of "Thanks."
  • "Bama and Bampa" instead of "Grandma and Grandpa"
  • "Les" instead of "Yes"
-While putting Noah to bed he noticed I had found a missing piece of stacking toy. He started jumping up and down screaming "Les, Les, Les!!!" I was so excited that someone was as excited as I am when I find missing pieces to toys. He then asked me if I found it in his play kitchen. I told him no I found it in the closet. He says, "Good job Mommy!" Love that kid!

-Every morning after Matt leaves for work Noah climbs in bed with me and sometimes falls back asleep. One morning I asked him in frustration, "why are you up so early?" He responds right away with,"Sometimes big boys can't sleep mom."

-While eating lunch one day with my dad he says to him, "You need Jesus." My dad just laughed and nodded in agreement. Noah is a three year old evangelist, hilarious. 

-While eating breakfast he tells me that he's not a "cutie cutie," because he's a boy. Then in all seriousness he asked me if I remembered his name...Uh, yeah I remember your name kid.

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