January 7, 2015

Fall Happenings: October

I've decided it's time to end this unintentional blog silence to share some pictures of what we've been up to this past fall. These next couple posts might be picture overload, so you've been warned.

October we spent time traveling to Nebraska to spend time with Matt's extended family and celebrate his cousin Stephanie getting married. We followed that trip by traveling the next week to Michigan to spend a week with Matt's parents near Detroit, and at the end of the month I said farewell to my youth as I turned the big 3-0. Noah and I even managed to squeeze in a Hot Chocolate Race to celebrate!

The Meyer's and the O'brien's

Sorry to my mother-in-law that non of these turned out frame worthy. Such is life.

Got a good one.

Miss Meyer.

noah spent most of the night on the dance floor bustin some sweet moves. I was one proud mamma.

Mr. and Mrs.


Shopping in midtown Detroit.

A fireman let us watch as they extended the ladder on the truck. Noah loved it.

Detroit History Museum

Took a ride on the people mover. Totally worth it if you have a three-year old who loves all things transportation.

Spent an afternoon at Blake's Apple Farm.

Noah enjoying his apple cider doughnuts.

My friend Sara and I before the Hot Chocolate Race.

Noah showing off his chocolate and ribbon.

These are my people, and I love them to pieces!


  1. This makes me hungry for Five Guys.

  2. Love you and your people so much! What beauties! Love the pics!