September 15, 2014

Worth Sharing

So I've had this post sitting in my drafts for some time. Some of these links are kinda old, but I thought I'd share them anyway.

1. I've always liked U2, then I met Bono as a teenager and my like grew to love. This clip just solidifies again how cool he is. And if you go over to itunes everyone can download their new album for FREE!!!

2. I read this article some time ago, but as a mom it really hit me. I feel like to best use every single second of each day I need to be multi-tasking all the time. This made me rethink how I go about things. And make sure to watch the video at the bottom.

3. I don't think my bearded husband would ever go for this, but it's pretty funny.

4. During Noah's birth I remember having expectations of Matt as my partner and birth coach. Let's just be honest, I had no idea what I was doing, and he had no idea what he or I was doing as first time parents. All that to say, he completely exceeded these dads.

5. I was giggling to myself when I scrolled through jcrew online and saw these.  Umm when did these become popular again? And didn't everyone in junior high have a pair. Makes me feel old.

6. We just watched the movie Fed Up and I would totally recommend everyone seeing it.

7. We ate a lot of this sweet potato hash when we were doing Whole30 and it's still on of my favorite breakfasts.

*I can't quite figure out what to call these posts, so for now I'm using "Worth Sharing," which I'm crediting to Laura over on Oakland Ave. If anyone thinks of a creative name please share!


  1. Haha, don't worry about the title, those series titles are so hard to think of! I've see some cute ones like "Saturday Snaps" or Friday Clicks" Or my sister-in-law did a play on mine with "Encouragement Worth Sharing." I don't own the title, "Worth Sharing" at all - I haven't see it before, but that doesn't mean I'm original. :) And YES! I can't believe those shoes are at J. Crew! Terrible! I could see them coming back again (I guess??) but at J. Crew? Com'on!

    1. Ok. Thanks Laura! You're so original, haha. Those sandals are comfortable if my memory serves correct, but I was shocked Jcrew had them. So funny. Hope you're getting everything prepared for baby girl! So exciting!!