September 6, 2014

My thoughts on laundry

As a mom I find myself doing laundry ALOT. In turn I often think about laundry. Below are some random thoughts I've collected on laundry. Hope you enjoy.

  •  I often feel like I've hit the lottery jackpot when all of our socks have a mate at the end of folding a load.
  •  Why can't all fitted sheets be as easy to fold as crib sheets? I've even watched tutorials on Pinterest to try to better improve my folding, and it did not work for me! 
  •  Every time I get all caught up on laundry I vow to myself I'll never get behind again. And that I'll make sure to do a load a day for the rest of my life. HA, as if! Why am I not better about this?
  • I have never ironed so much in my life until I had a little girl, and now I constantly have an ironing basket waiting to be done. Blargh.
  • Sometimes I have mom guilt for not washing everyone's sheets as often as I think they should be washed. But then undoubtedly someone has an accident or gets sick, so they must be washed. Really it just forces me to do something I that already needed to be done. WIN WIN!
  • I'm always elated when my kids make it through a meal with no food on their clothes and even more thrilled when we make it through a day with no outfit changes. Less clothes to wash for mom!

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