September 26, 2014

Home Tour | Noah & Everly's Shared Room

A little backstory on our home. We moved into our house three years ago this fall. Noah was just three months old, and it was perfect for our family. Our home is on the small by American standards, but we really loved it and have always lived in tiny spaces. Like really tiny. Our apartment that we lived in for almost 4 years was 400 square feet, and I loved it (the character more so than the size). Anyway when we bought this house we knew as our family grew, eventually kids would need to share rooms to keep everyone on the same floor. While I would definitely say it isn't ideal and everyone would probably sleep more if our kids had their own room, we've made it work. 

Over time I tried to change the decor of the room to make it feel like a shared room, rather than just Noah's room that Everly sleeps in. And for the most part everything was gender neutral, but I still didn't feel like anything was pulled together or "finished." So this past month I bit the bullet and got to painting ceiling and all. I'm currently in whiteout phase and all rooms are slowly being repainted to WHITE, their room being no different. Call me crazy, but I love it. And I like how all the colors on the wall, bedding, etc. just pop. 

Overall we really like how the room turned out. It's a simple room for my sweet sweet babies to rest head. And often days this tired mom wishes they would rest their head a little more.  

P.S. Just to clarify their room is NEVER as clean as it is the pictures. Do not be fooled, these pictures do NOT represent real life. We do not have it all together all the time.



Room Details:

Everly's crib: Amazon
Everly's bedding: Land of Nod
Mobile : Petit Collage
Cloud Pillow: Land of Nod
Love pillow: PBteen
Sheepskin Rug: Rugs USA
Dresser: My mom refinished as a baby gift for Everly
Noah's bedframe: Craigslist
Noah's sheets: Pottery Barn Kids
Nightstand: Hand Me down, spray painted
Curtains: Woolrich by Target
Be Brave print: LayLay baby
Slate Board: Hobby Lobby (I used a chalk marker for the "N")
You Are Loved print: Katie Daisy
Psalm Print: free download from Danielle Burkleo
Cross Stitch Frames: Thrifted
Table fan: Walmart
Wall bookshelves: Ikea
Owl Lamp: baby gift from Target
Baskets: Target

*Update: Check out Apartment Therapy's feature of our room here

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  1. Beautiful Jessi! When can you come out to the northwest to help me redecorate our shared room for Grace & baby boy! :) I love your style!

    1. Beth- if traveling with kids were easier I'd be there next week! Miss you guys! Can't wait to meet baby boy!!!

  2. PS does your mom take custom orders? Love the dresser!

  3. Nice job Jessi! I love their room! And their very organized closet. Who did your cross stitch pictures for you? They look great. Cris

    1. Thanks Cris! I actually found both of them at Salvation Army.

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