July 10, 2014

Worth Sharing

1. One of my favorite bloggers Jenloveskev suggested this read about families, so far it's really good. I actually convinced Matt to read it with me. And it's less than a buck on kindle readers!

2. I bought this skirt at Old Navy recently and I absolutely love it! Please excuse me if you see me wearing it everyday all summer.

3. I'm all for making things from scratch when I have the time and energy. I went to college with Laura from Oakland Avenue and she's definitely challenged me to try baking my own bread.

4. We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty a couple of weeks ago, and I loved it. It's almost up there with my all time favorite, You've Got Mail. The sound track is pretty awesome too and I've also been listening to it on repeat.

5. I've been making these chocolate chip cookies for about a year now, and will always use this recipe! They are seriously are the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

6. These shoes have been on my wish list for some time, but I'm too cheap. Maybe for a birthday or Christmas present. (hint hint, wink wink)

7. We sorta finished our first Whole30 (we stopped at day 25). It's based off this book. I think everyone should read it, and try it. We felt great and I hope to keep a lot of the habits up. Maybe I'll blog more about it later.

8. I'm terrible about meal planning. I came across this meal planner about a year and a half ago and LOVE it. I bought it on black Friday for half off and try to tell everyone I know about it.

9. Noah's birthday is this weekend and we ordered him this bike. I'm super excited to see him cruising around the neighborhood (with mom and dad right behind him of course).

10. And lastly the Meyer household is super into splash pads this summer, especially Everly.

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  1. Thanks for linking to me! Would love to hear how it goes!