July 31, 2014

Noah turns 3

Noah turned three this past month. To celebrate we threw a small digger birthday party at our house. We invited a few friends over for some cake and ice cream to celebrate three years with this wild boy. It so crazy to think that these past three years have flown by and yet feel like forever ago at the same time. I'm much like the mom in the "Love You Forever" book (except I don't plan on being as creepy once Noah is grown). With that said I do sneak into his room every night and hug and kiss on him before I crawl into our bed. I used to still get glimpses of Noah as a baby when I would watch him sleep, but recently I couldn't help but look at him and think there is no baby left in him. He's a little boy now, and all those baby rolls on his legs, arms, and wrists are gone. Tear. It's such a bitter sweet thing watching him grow. He is without a doubt the most wildest and craziest ball of energy we've ever met. 

These past three years with you have been the the funniest years of our lives. Your excitement for life makes everyone around you laugh and smile. Above all of our hopes and dreams for you, your dad and I pray that you grow to love Jesus Christ more than anything in your life. And that you would grow in your relationship with Him as you love others just like Christ loves us. You are such a joy, thanks for making us parents.
Love you always and forever,
Mom and Dad

*All the pictures above were taken by my very kind and talented friend Rachel of RC Photography.
**In case you missed it I shared some mom confessions over on Laura's blog from Oakland Ave.

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