June 9, 2014

Sleeping Babies

Does anyone else feel like a picture of your sleeping baby never does justice to how sweet and precious that moment is? I feel like that a lot, but maybe it's just my photography skills mostly or the crappy quality of my iphone and lighting. High School photography didn't help much I guess. I know I have hundreds, if not, thousands of pictures of both Noah and Everly sleeping. I'm sure a lot of parents are the same. But I mean come on, is there anything sweeter than your own baby sleeping? I think it might be the closest thing to heaven on earth. And if I wasn't so exhausted from caring for those babies while they are awake I think I could stare at them all night sometimes. But I don't, because those boogers WEAR ME OUT, and frankly I'm exhausted. I mean between diapers, feeding, cleaning and then everything on repeat no wonder. But every night before Matt and I go to bed we sneak into their room and just stare at their sweet faces and kiss their soft cheeks just to the point of them stirring, but not waking. AND I LOVE IT!!!! It's like however horrible or terrible the day may have been in certain moments just melts away, and I feel like my heart could explode. Every. Single. Time. And I'm so glad I get to enjoy being their mom and they are mine.

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