April 24, 2014

Noah says

I've heard plenty of stories of toddlers and kids saying embarrassing things in public from my friends. Now that Noah is talking way more I knew it was only a matter of time before Matt and I would be mortified as parents. Well a couple weeks ago our church had a grad opening for a new addition that was just finished. We were eating lunch with a couple of women from staff as Noah shouted, "I love boobies!" Matt and I looked shockingly at each other as if to say, "Surely that can't be right." So we asked him to repeat what he said, and sure enough it shouted it several more times. I kept trying to come up with a solution to what he was saying, but couldn't figure it out. The girls we were eating with were trying to contain their laughter. And I was mortified! My two year is no pervert! Finally Matt and I were able to translate that Noah in fact meant "Blueberries! I love BLUEBERRIES!" Ah ha! Problem solved, until next time and I'm most certain there will be a next time.

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