June 26, 2012

How Noah almost died.

It started this past Friday. After I gave Noah an afternoon bath,  to wash off any leftover lunch off his face, I put him on his changing pad to dry him off. As I laid him down I noticed something black between his gums and his cheek. At first I just thought it was food, so I tried to scoop it out with my finger. It didn't seem to move, and trying to get a good look at it with a wet wiggling little boy proved hard. When I tried to touch it again, whatever it was seemed very hard and I immediately began to panic that it was something serious. It almost looked as though his gums were rotten in that area.

My mind began to wander to cancer. Last week a friend of mine (who I won't name...), who happens to be a pediatrician asked how long Noah's gums were swollen, and she said she had seen a patient whose gums were swollen and it turned out to be leukemia. Later after researching it more she told me Noah does not in fact have leukemia, and is in fact teething. So with that fresh on my mind and his now rotting gums I FREAKED OUT!!!

I immediately called our pediatrician, who I couldn't get a hold of. Then I called Matt at work, and began sobbing over the phone to him that I was taking Noah to the ER, and asked him to meet us there. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me as my mind began to think of my baby with leukemia. I felt nauseous and almost as if I was about to pass out. I began praying to God to heal my son.

Next I called my mom, couldn't get ahold of her, so I called my dad. Sobbing I explained the situation. Without my knowing he then called my mom at work, had her paged throughout the building to tell her of the emergency. He then called my grandmother, who immediately called her pastor to add Noah to their church prayer chain. And he also called his work to explain he would be under some stress coming into work that night, as we were having a family emergency. 

As I began to gather our things for the hospital and get Noah dressed I decided to look at it one more time.  I was very hesitant to do this as I knew it would only worry me more. I put Noah on the changing table once more and tried to pry his mouth open. When I looked once more IT WAS GONE!!! How could that be?!!! I couldn't believe it. God healed my son!!!

I had went through everything he had eaten that day, and forgot that he had eaten blueberries while I prepared his lunch. It must have been a BLUEBERRY....Oops! At that point I didn't even care, all I cared about was my sweet baby boy was healthy. 

Right after that Matt made it home, greeted by Noah and I smiling at the door. He claims he knew it was food the whole time even after I tried to convince him it wasn't over the phone (I'm not that dumb...). Now I will never be trusted again for crying wolf, and Matt will probably never come home for any type of emergency. Oops again. 

So there you have the story we'll probably never forget about how I may have over reacted and how Noah almost died. 

Here's some pictures for good measure. 

 What our mornings look like. 

Our snuggle sessions are fewer and farther between it seems, as this kid is on the move.

 Pool Time. 

Pool Time. 

Had to squeeze this picture of his tie in. 

His photogenic new poses. "Squints" 

Much Better.  

 Bath Time. 

 11 Months.

Lunch time messiness. 


  1. What a great looking family! Miss you guys and can't believe your little man is growing up so fast! Funny story too...lol. ~Colby

  2. I like how the whole family sprang into action! At least you know how much everyone cares :-) I'm glad cute little Noah is fine. You're so funny!

  3. What a cute little guy and the parents are great too!! Glad it turned out to be a blueberry!! Give Noah a hug from GGpa and GG!!!