March 15, 2012

September and October

Month Three was super duper busy. We started out by closing on our first house at the beginning of October. We kept our rental during that month, so we had some time to do some painting and cleaning at the new house. 

The same week we closed on our house Noah had his second surgery in Iowa City, which went much better than the first and we were able to take him home the same day. We ended up spending the night before in the Ronald McDonald house, which was super nice. So after Noah's surgery we went back to our room and took a long nap before we headed home. It seems like so long ago, but for the the first couple months of Noah's life he spent so much time in his sitz bath's. Ahh...we sure don't miss that. 

Noah sleeping before surgery in his hospital gown. 

Noah also started rolling and giggling during this month. We can not get enough of this kid!!! 

And here are some pictures for good measure to complete this post. 

We were also lucky enough to have Matt's mom come and stay with us for a week to help with the house and with Noah. Hooray!!!

And we celebrated my 27th Birthday!

Grandview's Pumpking Party. Noah is a Sweet Pea.

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