March 16, 2012


Let's just say this mom loved the mild winter with a 6 month old baby. Don't get me wrong, usually I'm a weirdo who actually likes the snow and cold weather. Don't be fooled, I'm no winter sports enthusiast. I just really appreciate big winter coats, scarves, sweaters, hot chocolate, thick socks, and maybe a little sledding. But this year I was really grateful for a warm winter since carrying around a baby.

For the first time ever we stayed in for New Year's. In years past we usually spent it with friends who were in town which is always fun. But man did we feel old when we didn't have any plans. So we put Noah to bed and put a movie in. It was fabulous! I've decided New Year's is my new favorite holiday. You get a paid day off work, don't have any family obligations to travel to, and can just stay in your pajamas all day.

Noah also started eating real food in January, and by real food I mean pureed food. He seems to be a really good eater and has yet to refuse anything, which makes this mama really proud. He also began sitting up by himself.

Starting Solid Foods.
Sitting By Himself.
The little snow we had we made sure to get the little babe out in it. The first time Noah didn't seem too interested. He kinda just watched everything and took it all in. The second time he was much more interested, eating the snow and grabbing at it.

First time in the snow.

Noah was also able to go swimming again in January. We traveled to Ames at the beginning of the month for a wedding and we made sure to check out the hotel pool. The water was pretty cold, so mom stayed in the hot tub while Dad and Noah floated around in the pool, Noah didn't seem to mind the temperature.

Bath Time.

Winter Walk. Noah was thrilled!

6 Months.

These are what mornings look like. Can you tell this kid is happy?

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  1. What a cutie pie! I am so glad you can stay home with him. It goes so fast, you don't want to miss a minute of it.