March 16, 2012


During the month of December we spent time getting ready for Christmas. We had planned on getting a real tree to celebrate Noah's first Christmas, but the day we had planned to go it ended up raining. So we ended up putting up our Charlie Brown tree for one more year (hopefully). It turned out ok because it was way less stress. I'm sure this is the last year for a while we won't have to worry about little hands grabbing the lights and ornaments.

We traveled to Nebraska to spend Christmas with Matt's family. We spent time on the farm with the Paulson's. And we even had our first cousins annual ugly sweater Christmas Party, which my husband won (not to brag, but I did pick a good sweater for him complete with glitter).

Noah traveled really well, sleeping most of the way. He did really well sleeping away from home too. Although I will say I did not! Something about sleeping in the same room with a baby makes mother's sleep so light, every move he made I was afraid he might wake up start crying and then wake everyone else up. Even though that wasn't the case.

5 Months

Noah thought ripping the wrapping paper was hilarious!

Three generations of Meyer's

Hanging Our Stockings.

My Boys.

Hanging around the farm.

Matt thought this was a good idea....Mom didn't!

Unwrapping Presents.
 Noah also was able to go swimming for the first time over Christmas. We stayed in a hotel while visiting the Meyer side of the family. The pool was super warm, which was great for him, and he did really well.

Our hilarious picture for our church directory.

Noah got to meet Mr. Baumgarten too!

And he got to hang out with Mrs. Baumgarten again.

Later he got to meet Leah for the first time too. 

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