February 4, 2012


The first month of being a parent was crazy and exhausting. It's funny because newborns sleep so much, yet Matt and I were so tired. "Sleep when the baby sleeps" is hard to do when you need to shower, do laundry, feed yourself and a million other things it seems. But we were so stinking smitten with that kid it got us through late night feedings and diapers changes. It seemed we could just stare at that kid for hours and I'm sure we did. In the beginning absolutely everything he did was so fascinating from farts to yawns we were in awe of him. 

Dad bathing Noah (right before he pooped all over dad and the kitchen floor, tmi?)
The first month we spent time with lots of visitors, snuggling, and learning how to change diapers...every diaper change took both parents for the first couple weeks. Noah and I also spent a lot of time learning to nurse, which is so not natural at first, but we eventually got the hang of it.

Noah getting in his morning workout on his activity gym.
When Noah was 3 weeks old we braved our first family road trip to Minnesota to spend time with Matt's family and to celebrate Matt's grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was fun to be able to show Noah off to his cousins, aunts, uncles, and great grandparents.

The Paulson's

When we got home from Minnesota we had a stinky week where we had to take our brand new baby to Iowa City to undergo surgery to remove an abscess. It was so hard to hand my baby over to the anesthesiologist and tell them to take good care of my baby. GA! After surgery he was on IV antibiotics for another 2 days, and that babe was a champ through it all. At the time it seemed like a serious diagnosis and it was, but in hind sight we were really lucky it wasn't anything worse. God answered our prayers and watched over our little baby.

Noah taking a sitz bath after surgery.
Mom and baby snuggling at the hospital in Iowa City.
Our first month of loving our baby definitely wasn't quite as planned, but we survived it. Our family was really lucky to have Matt home from work for, get this....5 weeks! It was really only supposed to be 3, but with our trip to Minnesota and Iowa City it ended up being 5 weeks. So Noah and I were really spoiled. We even managed to watch the whole Lost series in those weeks. Good times. 

One Month Old.



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