February 20, 2012


Month two was fun because we began to see more of Noah's personality. He began flashing smiles for us and talking a lot more. He also began to sleep through the night at around 2.5 months old. WHO HOO!!!

At his two month appointment his stats were:

Height: 25 3/4 inches 100+
Weight: 15 lbs. 95%
Head: 41.4 90%

This boy filled out and almost doubled his birth weight! His big belly was just more to love!

Family Picnic. 

Noah was really glad to be there. 

Father and Son. 

Noah also got to meet our buddies, The Doebel's. Who traveled back from San Diego to meet lots of new babies. Good timing!

Rachael, Josh, and Noah.

Enjoying his bath time. 

Other highlights from this month were when we got to meet Miss Myka Mae Widdel! Noah's new best friend forever! Another congratulations to mom and dad, Cari and Tony Widdel! It's pretty incredible that we get to experience being parents with this family. Noah and Myka are only 8 weeks apart, that's crazy!

 The Widdel's and Meyer's 

They're still warming up to each other. But deep down they love each other. BFFs!

Baby Myka made an early arrival just in time for her baby shower. 

We also took Noah to his first outdoor concert, River Front Pops Beatles concert, which was pretty awesome. Noah slept through it all in the stroller, even the fireworks at the end. 

All You Need Is Love. 

Noah also made his first trip to our local zoo with our MOPS group. He was  a little cranky due to lack of sleep, but I think the next time we go back he'll have a lot more fun!

Noah and the giraffes.
One last picture for good measure.

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  1. aw, this is so fun to read! Myka and I talk about baby Noah all the time!