January 19, 2012

Our Baby Story Part One

This is the story of how our little Bubba Chub came to be. 

We found out we were expecting Noah sometime last Novemeber. It was some what of a surprise to us, and God totally knew what he was doing when he made this little guy. During my first trimester I had it pretty easy with some weird food aversions. I ate tons of cheetos, peanut butter cereal, and....gasp POP (which is weird for me because I usually don't like pop). Horrible diet I know, but what's a girl to do when nothing sounds good...FYI I did take my vitamins. I also made sure to take plenty of naps as I knew once this baby boy arrived he would rock my world and my sleep patterns. Other than those things I had it pretty good. 

Second trimester went pretty smoothly too. At my twenty week ultrasound we decided to find out the sex of the baby. I like surprises, but I'm the worst when it comes to being patient when I know there is a surprise. Usually when I buy Matt a present I immediately bring it home and beg him to open it. Unlike me he's really patient with those types of surprises and waits till Christmas day or his birthday. Anyways, the idea of not knowing wasn't an option for us. When the technician told us we were expecting the boy we were over the moon with excitement! 

Towards the end of the ultrasound the technician got a little weird, and went to go get our midwife. I knew something was strange when that happened. Our midwife explained to us that Noah had two bilateral choroid plexus cysts on his brain and she recommended having a second ultrasound in Iowa City. YIKES! We freaked out for a little bit, I cried some, and we prayed a lot before we went to Iowa City later that week. 

Before having children I never imagined anything would wrong and had this picture perfect idea of pregnancy, labor, and parenting. EH! Wrong, tons of things can go wrong, and that is why having a child is just a carefully orchestrated miracle by our ultimate creator of life. 

Long story short. Noah was a rock star in Iowa City, and the doctor were able to confidently say that he would be just fine and that the cysts would disappear before delivery. AMEN!

25 weeks
During my second trimester we made a trip to San Diego to visit our buddies Rachael and Josh. I wasn't able to go surfing with my baby bump, but I was able to safely go boogie boarding. And I was even able to wiggle into a wet suit, say what? Matt was able to go surfing and didn't do too bad for his first time, but was pretty sore the next day.                                                  

Rachael and I in La Jolla.
Wet Suits. YAY YAY!!!
Matt and Josh, looking good boys!
During the third trimester we moved out of our teeny tiny apartment to a teeny tiny house just down the street. There was no way a baby would fit into our one bedroom less than 500 square foot apartment, and the house gave us some more time to shop for our own house. Moving at 30 weeks pregnant was awesome/tiring for me. The good part was that I didn't have to move heavy things. SCORE! The bad part with I still had to doing the packing and unpacking, with a lot of help from Matt and my parents. Right after moving into the our rental house we headed to Detroit (ROCK CITY!!!) to visit Matt's parents for the first time since they moved to the Motor City. The weather was pretty yucky for the most part, so we had a lot of down time there which was nice, because even though I wasn't waddling by this point I still got tired on my feet easily. Noah even managed to visit Canada while in my belly! And he barely made it back into the states after we got stopped my customs...long story. 

Matt and I outside our rental house.

Both Meyer families in Detroit.
Canada, Eh?
30 weeks
Towards the end my pregnancy I just felt ginormous as I'm sure most women do. It was hard getting off the couch, turning over in bed, waddling set in, and the eternal furnace inside me kept me heated all summer. I remember fighting with Matt over the thermostat many times. Poor guy needed a sweater inside his own house even though it was 90 degrees outside...Don't mess with a pregnant ladies thermostat!

35 weeks
40 weeks
Living it up pool side in our backyard, trying to stay cool.
It's totally normal to have two adults with no children in a baby pool, right?

All in all I actually liked being pregnant. It was pretty exciting preparing for our first baby and all the "firsts" we got to experience together. Sometime in the next few years I think we'll give it another go...

P.S. Sorry all the pictures of me, hope Matt doesn't feel neglected. But technically I was the one pregnant.         

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  1. I'd rephrase that to "Don't mess with a pregnant ladies thermostat...when she's watching."